Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Announcement of The Get Team Forum:

TK received a call from his main source out of Washington and they said due to the sensitivity of the announcement of the President and PM of Iraq, it would be in our best interest not to have a call. So buckle up your shoes the RV is coming.



[SpecialAgentGibbs] Now why would we be seeing reports of the new TRN/USN showing up in Mexico first???

[SpecialAgentGibbs] OH WAIT..... Could it be an effort to preempt the drug cartels exchanging FRN???

[Papa Bear] G00d enening Dinar Family. The Care Bear is definitely crazy but how many times have you seen him here at this time?r

[GAPatriot60] Papa Bear What's up?

[FRV] Papa Bear You are never in here this time of day

[Papa Bear] I have just gotten off the phone with Bluwolf and some other folks and thought Id come to visit shortly what do U Think?
[lightman1] Papa Bear what did you hear???

[Papa Bear] Folks my twin as I are both concerned about the amount of scams that are out there.

[Papa Bear] The situation is running rampant as we have warned would happen at the end.   Many are biting at others and trying to get Folks confused

generals64] Bear:...the people following the scammers need to be careful....One of the reasons I have literally stayed off the internet is there a many AND I MEAN MANY people that were using my name and screen name....Even though you know I am a grumpy old man you of anyone knows where my heart is....

[Papa Bear] Everyone has their own choice to make but I will never bite at others. Blu and I have for years brought U what we have.  Many have barked at us for telling U this comes from Gods abundance but thats ok.

[Papa Bear] Well welcome to the Castle general.

[FRV] generals64 welcome

Papa Bear] We have all become grumpy as the time has gone by but the Lord has his reasons and I will stick with his path.

[generals64] Simple thought:....Would you give some stranger your pay check just because he or she said she could do you a good job and make you more money?......

[Papa Bear] Folks what I dont want at this late date is for those in PR are any place else in our country to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity because of scam artists

[generals64] You guys, Roscoe got in trouble today he needs your support.....He came in the house got a cold beer out of the fridge lit up a cigarette and put his feet on the coffe table....He is "Grounded for Two weeks".....He knows better than to put his feet on the table

[granny10] generals64 Beer and cigs OK but not feet on the table…..lol

[generals64] before I have to go let me tell you guys....I promise when this goes down your instructions will be so simple you will laugh at yourself.....If you can read an email.....then you are in good shape....

Papa Bear] Please use your head and what you have learned. We have very important people here now working on the timing. Dont throw in the towel before the final buzzer. YES I

[generals64] dilmus123 :...Oh yeah...listen to PapaBear....hell be kept informed...and folks, I don't want your dinar or VND....I want you and your family to succeed in your financial endeavors.

 [Papa Bear] generals64 And how many times must we tell U Folks, this will be simple and life changing. Don’t make it hard on yourself after this length of time and anguish


7-22-14 tman23: I believe 110% we are going to see a POR elected tomorrow...No delays into August...But of course we will know in less than 36 hours


Bold n Courageous: Understanding the significance of  the burning USD.

FRN's are a fiat currency and have no value other than imagination.
TRN's are asset backed.... BUT ONLY 20%
Zap tells us that the transition will be 92/100  TRN to FRN just to help smooth transition, rather than the 50% that has been considered.  After all the FRN has no value, just debt
How long do you think it will take for the 20% asset backed value of a TRN to float to a consistent value the 100% asset backed IQD?  Two months... 5 months?
Although the TRN's have more value than the FRN's, 20% is not a whole lot.  The USD is not only burning in the form of a FRN, but soon 80% needs to float out of the TRN
The buying power of the USD will soon be very lame.  Consider all the Americans who do not carry a different currency that will help hedge their loses.
Now consider the Contract rate.  If you take the contract rate and tie up your money  in a contract that you do not have access to for many months. 

 Although you may have gotten a good rate to begin with, you may be watching it dwindle to 20% without being able to hedge it because it is locked in.  You won't say anything in protest, because you signed an NDA that will keep you in fear of having your account frozen.