Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Paymaster is reported as TO have boarded a plane...heading to Reno. Just now!
This is the Admirals Paymaster....


11-25-14 tman23: I was told...that in Iraq "financial resource centers" usually open at 7:30 am and close 3:30 pm....Today notices are on doors that they open at 8am and will be operating extended hours to 11:30 pm...This is confirmed!! Don't know hours of operation tomorrow etc...but they are working double shifts today.

People in Jordan and Lebanon have cards loaded with salaries but cannot get money and cannot travel to Iraq...so I suspect that this may have to do with the Mastercard being accepted outside of Iraq to ease the burden on displaced citizens
...I know they said the limit of cash per day on transactions is $3,000 per day cash withdrawal...$4,000 internet purchases...and 10,000 in Iraq marketplace...so this is using a "card"...(not necess...a Qi card). 

11-25-14 wmawhite: IMO...the CBI will change the status of the IQD when it is ready...when it has what it needs in place (worldwide). Remember, the CBI is working with numerous financial entities around the globe to do this.  Remember, the IQD will be a product of Iraq and the CBI is the store. Through all of these trade agreements that Parliament has been signing is lining up the eventual customers that the CBI will need to help strengthen the IQD.  I look at what we see today and compare it to 4 1/2 years ago and this is great. What we don't hear is the fact that Iraq still has foreign companies coming into Iraq to do business. They know what is coming. Growth. 
11-25-14 TNT TONY: Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I said I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity. It simply means... Only the strong survive...nothing more and nothing less. We have received great news, one more window. #wearethepeople 

ALA ALEM NEWS:"The Need To Adopt Iraqi Dinar In Local Dealings" , 25 NOV

He welcomed the academic and businessman that all domestic transactions be in Iraqi dinars, instead of the US dollar, adding that the import contract opens adopted the dollar, if the style payment based, though it is possible that the deposit be Dinars.

Economists: No Reason To Treat Local Companies Alajnah Currency

Baghdad. Ahmed Mohamed stressed MPs and businessmen on the need to adopt the Iraqi dinar in local dealings, to raise the value of that currency against the US dollar, which contributes to the award of the national economy.

 Iraq is going through a financial crisis that threatens its economic future, according to observers, the result of spending Miliradt dollars on the war against terrorism, and the displacement of the population of the provinces of western and northern country to safe places in northern and central Iraq and the south,

which calls on the government to follow the austerity policy, to address the significant shortfall in the annual budget public. 
He welcomed the academic and businessman that all domestic transactions be in Iraqi dinars, instead of the US dollar, adding that the import contract opens adopted the dollar, if the style payment based, though it is possible that the deposit be Dinars.

Foreign import contracts and require that the dependence dollar or the euro, while local ones are in dinars, and sometimes rely dollar.

According to the spokesman, who wished to withhold his name, the owner of a contracting company specializing in oil and electricity, that most companies have banking facilities in regional banks like Jordan and Dubai, and you want to be a style based payment for financial security.

"Does not make sense to be treated in local companies with the citizens to the US dollar", thus sees the spokesman, who said that most Western countries refuse to deal without their local currencies.

And refers to the speaker that the imposition of this deal, which he described as "small", provides a demand for the local currency, but adding that included the entire local deal would be great.

It focuses on Dr. that are placed on all purchases in accordance with the credit through the Bank, for the development and revitalization of the national banking system.

For his part, sees member bloc independent MP d. Mohammed al-Shammari, the global economic situation makes it imperative for everyone stand up and actively national Iraqi economy, and keep it from schemes aimed at wrecking.

Al-Shammari said in a press statement seen by "the world" on Monday that by some States to increase its oil exports to the market in order to reduce oil prices, aims to impact on the economies of countries that rely on oil Coward head of her, in order to pass a number of "major countries of the projects .
"The statement added that, unfortunately, some government departments and institutions to contribute in that attack, which seeks to weaken our national economy and destroy, in several ways,

 including, dealing the American process, rather than the local currency, noting that, for example, Iraqi Airways does not accept cut airline tickets for a sum Iraqi dinars, but require that the amount in US dollars. 

Shammari stressed the need to instruct government departments and institutions that deal in Iraqi dinars, to help raise its value against the US dollar, which assigns the national economy. 
On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, on Monday, the financial budget for next year 2015 continuing to decline in oil prices globally influenced, pointing to the need to reduce unnecessary expenditure in the budget and rationalization. 

Araji said that "the Council of Ministers Akif to approve the financial budget for next year as soon as possible, it is necessary to determine the price of oil in the budget according to less than the current market price is the price to avoid deficits that may occur in the event of continued low oil prices and is expected the opinion of experts in the field of oil "

. He added that "everyone knows that there is a financial problem as a result of the continuing decline in oil prices, as well as the shortfall in the budget year 2014, which requires work and a thoughtful and planned to meet the projected deficit and continue to raise the oil production ceiling,"

 stressing that "the rationalization of expenditures will not affect the launch grades and salaries of employees and retirees. " 

He called al-Araji, all the political blocs to "combine their efforts and contribute in earnest through cooperation with the government to rid the country of the inherited problems in the field of security and money, economy, trade, administrative and financial corruption."

 It is said that a large number of economists stressed that Iraq's budget for 2015 will be affected significantly lower global oil prices to the fact that the budget unilateral supplier.



Condor: Everything will come together in Iraq on Thursday and announcements made. We should receive 800#'s on Friday and have bank appointments on Monday and Tuesday (Dec 1st) thru Christmas.

GtAfternoon CLUES.......

Looking For China To Make an Announcement their AssetsBasel 3 Compliant (Via Gold) 
NEXT Their Currency (Reminbi) will be ADDED to the World Currency Reserve

VinmanWatch for Chinese gold to be added by the BIS as the next world currency reserve.

RV/GCR:A new 48 hour window just started...the hope is the ADMIRAL will go in...TIMBER

Carden:According to this we're looking for China to do a formal statement of accounting of their assets (i.e., GOLD) for BASEL 3 accountability and acknowledgement. Nice picts!