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Article: “Instructions and criteria for circulation and replacement of banknotes”
This key phrase seems to forecast some need for small denominations of notes.
”Banks should open windows to replace damaged and damaged banknotes to the public and hand them over to this bank and its branches, and promoting the circulation of small denomination banknotes”
Iraq is still progressing forward with the reviews and relationship with the World Bank to join the WTO. They will, however, need a tradable currency at some point. So we wait for this too to give pressure to RV.
You may see some action possible after the elections depending on which party has control of the government.
The delete the zeros project is going to be progressing at a much faster pace, and word has it that new information will be published after Ramadan.
Everything from this point on is riding on the upcoming national and local elections (May 12).
There appears to be a vast more supporters than not for the delete the zero’s project.
The solution is not to delete zeros or dinar floated, but substituting new Iraqi dinars and linking its exchange rate to the US dollar.
The issuance of any new Iraqi dinars to be about equivalent to the dollar in the exchange rate.
It consists of one hundred per dinar fils and groups: one dinar, five dinars and ten dinars, and twenty dinars, and fifty dinars, and one hundred dinars.
Minting coins from fils and five fils, ten fils fils twenty, and fifty fils, and one hundred fils.
And ensuring the stability of the monetary system and eliminate the flaw in the current system, which allowed rampant corruption.
International Monetary Fund calls on banks to adopt a gradual approach to tighten monetary policy Called on the International Monetary Fund, on Thursday, the central banks to adopt a gradual and transparent approach to tightening monetary policy, warning that any steps that may cause unexpected vibration of the global economy.
The IMF warned that investors and financial markets expect a consistent approach to tightening monetary policy based on the belief that inflation will remain relatively low. He pointed to some of the fragile points in global finance after a long period of soft monetary policies and low interest rates, including the flow of high-risk bonds, debt levels that reached a record high, and high prices of risky assets. In the event of any sudden change, this could hinder the economic recovery, according to the Fund warned, according to the agency “Agence France Presse.” “Financial vulnerabilities accumulated over years of low interest rates and volatility could make the way forward full of bumps and could put growth at risk,” said the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report twice a year. “For example, the sudden acceleration of inflation in the US could push the Fed to raise rates faster than expected,” the report said. “Such steps could lead to volatility in financial assets,” he said, adding “global financial conditions will be severely tightened with potentially negative consequences for the global economy.” He stressed that emerging markets would be more vulnerable if that happened. This analysis addresses the many challenges facing policymakers as the world moves towards the end of a long period of low interest rates and financial stimulus that was activated after the 2008 financial crisis. The US Federal Reserve has focused on a series of rate hikes in the last two and a half years , As the ECB has indicated plans to end the stimulus program soon. The report said that although these steps are necessary, central banks should raise interest rates in a gradual and clear manner

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


foxmulder: @wdave1 i bought ALL my dinar through 5/3 bank ....
foxmulder: @wdave1 i suppose this scam involves the banks who sold and the US treasury

chattels: @foxmulder I do not believe that the dinar is a scam per se. It was a highly speculative venture that has been impacted by developments / conditions in Iraq, social, financial and political.

The outcome was and is unknown. By the time any value is realized as to the dinar we may have all had our money perform better by investing in the stock market.
​chattels: @foxmulder As with all things financial, there have been and are people who take advantage of others with false narratives and propositions. Dinar Corp, Sterling and various individuals are guilty of such.

chattels: About 22 days remaining before the Iraqi people go to the voting booths.

chattels: An unprecedented drop in the dollar in Iraq Release date: 2018/4/20 11:56 • [Ayn-Baghdad] Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Friday morning, recorded an unprecedented drop in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar. The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1200 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.


chattels: 1200 dinars per dollar

chattels: " ............... this price is the lowest recorded by the currency markets for years in Iraq."

chattels: Electronic vote counting sparks controversy ahead of Iraqi polls : Omar Sattar April 18, 2018 :

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/04/iraq-election-electronic-votes-counting.html#ixzz5DCxJoVDv

foxmulder: @chattels good morning ! Dont think its a scam either ! And to be honest nobody knows exsctly what's going on

chattels: “The most worrying element is that the results will be sent via a satellite headquartered in an Arab country [the satellite server is in the United Arab Emirates], without any encryption.

After 200 hours, they will then be sent encrypted to Baghdad, meaning that there is a vast window of time to penetrate the results. This raises a lot of questions about the purpose of spending $100 million on buying these miserable devices and around $166 million on electronic servers, while leaving 200 hours without any oversight of the election results.”

chattels: @foxmulder good morning sir

foxmulder: @chattels i look at their neighboring countries value at some point they will be on par eithet with the saudis .26 or another country .. i have not found what i have been looking for ! Hope to find it ...

the Imf doc that stated Iraq could sustain a valued rate from .83 to 1.13 or 1.37 not sure the later of the two i reamin optomistic and so far as people naking the claim they cannot change the value instantly to a higher rate is not correct

xyz: Britain wants Zimbabwe back in the Commonwealth https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-chogm-zimbabwe/britain-wants-zimbabwe-back-in-the-commonwealth-idUSKBN1HR12G

chattels: @foxmulder K wish that I knew what to believe. sandyf makes a good point with comparative circulation volumes in distinguishing potential value.

foxmulder: @chattels. off to work have a good day chattels guess we just roll with the punches and never ending Bs

chattels: @foxmulder go in peace.

foxmulder: @chattels in 2000 i bought a significant amount of canadin dollars whae the oil sands project in alberta the Canadian dollar rose to over a us dollar .48 to 50 on the dollar ...bull**** ??? I doubled my money period !!
​chattels: @foxmulder excellent

Zig: @Baxter : Did you listen to Kap?....if so, anything interesting?.....will listen later....

Baxter: Yes zig.. I did.... the call didnt start till 10... an hour late... Kap had his hours mixed up..... time zones....

Zig: @Baxter : Worth listening to the recording in your opinion?....Did he take calls?

Baxter: I think it is... explains a lot of detail ... he did take some calls at the end

JoeSchmoe: @Baxter was it mostly all float talk?

Zig: @Baxter : Any caller disagree with him??

Baxter: zig... no.... disagreements

Zig: So Tebow didn't get in....LOL

JoeSchmoe: @Baxter must not have been that many listeners then

Baxter: JoeSchmoe.... some float talk... a lot about the cbi....

futuremoney: @Zig first 20 min pumps his own site

JoeSchmoe: typical

Zig: Always does that at the beginning of calls...

Baxter: Don't completely rule Kap out on this... he has lots of articles to back him up... I am not saying he is correct.. but he has the stuff to back up his thoughts

JoeSchmoe: @Baxter in his opinion on the call,if given so, what is his time frame for things to start moving as per his theory?

Baxter: June or July at earliest  Baxter: IF Maliki doesnt throw a ringer into it

JoeSchmoe: If M gets back in, "I" may have to go work at McDonalds

futuremoney: @JoeSchmoe ugh

Baxter: If he gets in... burn it

JoeSchmoe: what if they had already raised the value before these elections, and THEN Maliki got in, how would that affect his reign?

Zig: Aren't Central Banks independent??.....does the PM have influence over it?.....Educate me....lol

JoeSchmoe: If his way was to keep the dinar low in value to control the masses(or whatever reasons), what would happen if the value was already raised BEFORE he got in?

JoeSchmoe: anyone?anyone?   JoeSchmoe: BUELER?

Baxter: Central banks are independent..but Maliki..look what he did in 2012

JoeSchmoe: @Baxter the dinar was already on life support

Zig: You mean to Shabibi?

Baxter: actually.. shabs was ready to go with this in 2012.. he had the spread down... then M went after him

Zig: Okay....Yes
​Baxter: then Isis.. war.... Maliki got rid of the generals...: city went under Isis
Baxter: listen to the call... its worth the listen   .. its better than all these guru idiots
futuremoney: @Baxter I don't listen to anyone anymore  : @Baxter its all opinioin

Baxter: thats all it is

JoeSchmoe: @Baxter the initial thought about listening to one of Kap's calls is, "Why HEAR what we see him type in chat?"   JoeSchmoe: HEARING it makes it more real

Zig: Enorrste is also on the call....can be interesting.......

JoeSchmoe: he is in the same boat  : altho he won't call you an idiot im sure :laugh

Spectra: Donald J. Trump ‏ Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago More Looks like OPEC is at it again. With record amounts of Oil all over the place, including the fully loaded ships at sea, Oil prices are artificially Very High! No good and will not be accepted!

Spectra: KTFA-POST-Iraq to resume payment of compensation to Kuwait GMT 17:53 2018 Friday, April 20 GENEVA : Iraqi authorities resumed compensation payments to Kuwait over Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Iraq, with $ 90 million approved on Friday.

Spectra: The UN Security Council approved the formation of the commission in 1991, the year the US-led coalition forces pushed Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait. The committee decided to pay Baghdad $ 52.4 billion in compensation to individuals, companies, government organizations and others who suffered losses directly resulting from the invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

The source of the funds is a tax imposed on the sale of oil and Iraqi oil derivatives. With the payment approved on Friday, the Commission paid a total of $ 47.9 billion to some 1.5 million complainants.

Spectra: Until it stops paying in 2014, Iraq has accepted the tax, but some still wonder if this is fair for a country struggling for its reconstruction after Saddam Hussein was toppled in a 2003 invasion.

Dave: Howdy all....reading that oil may be going up to 100.00 barrel

Spectra: US to Extract Minerals From Afghanistan to ‘Defray Cost of US Assistance’ The U.S. military has had its eyes on Afghan mineral deposits for some time. A 2007 Pentagon memo that the New York Times quoted in a 2010 article says that Afghanistan could be the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” by teleSURU.S.

Companies are planning on taking a larger role in extracting Afghanistan’s enormous reserves of valuable rare earth minerals, Reuters reported after U.S. President Donald Trump met with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani on Thursday.

 According to a White House statement, the presidents agreed that the development of Afghan minerals by U.S. companies would “develop materials critical to national security,” as well as “defray some of the costs of United States assistance as Afghans become more self-reliant.”

Afghanistan has some of the world’s largest un-extracted reserves of rare earth minerals valuable in electronic production, such as lithium, as well as gold and various gemstones.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the total value at at least US$1 trillion. The two presidents reportedly discussed difficulties facing the project, such as the growing Taliban insurgency in regions containing the majority of the minerals.
With this in account, they both expressed commitment to Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy, which, against what he promised in the election campaign, involves keeping U.S. military forces in the country for an indefinite period of time.

Spectra: https://www.mintpressnews.com/us-to-extract-minerals-from-afghanistan-to-defray-cost-of-us-assistance/232333/

xyz: 4-20-2018 Walkingstick …I said it and I still stand by what I said... They complied, with the necessary.. outstanding obligation/s in the 1st quarter…

xyz: 4-20-2018 sandyf I haven't seen any sort of estimate for some time. Back around 2010/11 when the dinar dealers were in their hayday it was estimated that appoximately two thirds was outside the country, around 20 trillion…Obviously without any factual basis and some of the theories about who actually has dinar is questionable.

The one thing that we do know is that in 2003 it took around 6.5 trillion new dinar to replace the old so a good indication of how much was in Iraq at the end of 2003…The rise in the amount of currency in circulation has far exceeded the rise in population and it should be borne in mind that currency that has migrated across local borders is still outside Iraq.

I would not think it unreasonable for somewhere in the order of 50/60 percent of the currency to be outside the country. If that were the case I can see it being a major headache in terms of a redenomination. There could be severe repercussions if Iraq were to say that the IQD can only be exchanged in Iraq.

dinard: who knows sandy could be right.its not like what he says doesnt make any sense

xyz: Iraq to resume payment of compensation to Kuwait

GENEVA : Iraqi authorities resumed compensation payments to Kuwait over Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Iraq, with $ 90 million approved on Friday.

It is the first installment approved by the UN Compensation Commission since 2014, when payments were suspended after the "jihadists" seized large areas of Iraq.

The UN Security Council approved the formation of the commission in 1991, the year the US-led coalition forces pushed Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait.

The committee decided to pay Baghdad $ 52.4 billion in compensation to individuals, companies, government organizations and others who suffered losses directly resulting from the invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

The source of the funds is a tax imposed on the sale of oil and Iraqi oil derivatives.

With the payment approved on Friday, the Commission paid a total of $ 47.9 billion to some 1.5 million complainants.

Until it stops paying in 2014, Iraq has accepted the tax, but some still wonder if this is fair for a country struggling for its reconstruction after Saddam Hussein was toppled in a 2003 invasion.

xyz: A sexual video machine controls election competition in Iraq.    LINK

dinard: "While another candidate accused unnamed political parties of working to "squirt" competitors by fabricating false videos or images." so we know that one is at least a squirter. she would have had my vote 
​xyz: Democratic Party Sues Russia, Trump, Wikileaks For Conspiring To Hurt Hillary In 2016 Election https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-20/democratic-party-sues-russia-trump-wikileaks-conspiring-hurt-hillary-2016-election

xyz: Bank of America: "The Last Time We Saw This In The Market Was 2007"


xyz: Michelle Obama came second in the UK with an admiration


xyz: Trump angry at high oil prices and rejects the measures of "OPEC"



I just stopped at one of our small Wells Fargo branches in my hometown in Wisconsin to transfer some money to our grandson at college. I asked the teller if she had been trained in any new foreign currency processing. She stepped back, looked to the side with a smirk on her face, and then said, yes! Then I asked her when they were going to start using it. She paused, looked at me. . . and said, “it’s supposed to start going live TODAY . . . how did you know about all this? I just smiled and left. Time will tell.


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, Another day and another confused batch of information from the so called Intel providers who are supposedly in the know about many matters but unable to contribute to the folks Father. I fear as this event continues to be pushed back to another day or time frame that more and more of our fellow members are beginning to lose faith that this event will ever occur. Help us Father.

Dear Lord God Almighty, the names of the so called Powers That Be are like wisp of wind during the day compounding information gathered from second and third hand information adding even more confusion to the already doubtful folks due to this delay. I ask that You forgive those among us who spread false information and making our situation even more stressful than the day before. Give us discernment Lord.

My dear friends, both known to me and unknown who follow my early morning prayers and rantings from time to time. I know many of you come in to check our status from time to time during the day. If you plan to go on a call to ask a question, keep it simple and to the point. Every day I read or hear the same questions over and over again, which I guess as it should be considering how long we have waited.

May God bless each and every one of you during these brief periods of little or no new information being passed along, and remember “Our Destiny Awaits”


Admin last week your staement Activity has Begun- what Activity was that ? thanks


Good morning WSOMN! Admin I agree with stag could you please just give us an update or even just say it stopped and started just give us some kind of perspective on that. Thank you

kingdom warrior76

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GOOD MORNING ALL......#WSOMN0629 The information I have received in the past days is very promising. Alignment between information sources is high. Remain focused on your goals.


Thanks Admin- last week have anything to do with Platforms ?

Read somewhere that Okie's health is failing. Now wouldn't it be a b*%#h if he didn't meke it throgh the RV!!

Prayers for Oakie and everyone who needs it.

Thank you again TED. Your pryers mean a lot to a lot of us.

RAB - agreed, I would hate to see anyone that's been in this a long time, miss out on it, espescially Okie!