Sunday, April 20, 2014


 TNT Tony ‏@THE_TNT_TEAM1m Hope everyone had a great Easter and said thanks for what's coming. Rest up and be ready.

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FACT CHECK #118  Posted on April 20, 2014 

How Will You Pay It Forward?  Greetings, and Happy Easter!

It’s time for a little diversion from the usual.

I know that the waiting game it not easy. For some, like those in prosperity programs, which were offered in the 1990′s and through 2002, it has been over a decade of mystery, with little in the way of proper information that is rooted in official fanfare.

The currency issues, such as the dinar and dong, and whatever other 18 currencies are slated to revalue, takes center stage by virtue of the number of those involved. No further explanation is required from us as to the sheer width and breadth of the emotional ranges that all of you have experienced with this particular piece of the equation.

From a penny to $32, and every number in between, we have been subjected to so many opinions and theories that even Buckminster Fuller would have been staggered to understand it.
Then, there are the CMKX shareholders. Within their ranks are some of the most scorned. You hear some of the most devilish, blood-curdling blasphemy from that quarter of the ranks. If a lynch mob is ever formed by the disgruntled, a CMKX shareholder is sure to be the one to fashion the noose.

But, given what was done to them, when all they did was invest funds in what they thought was a properly regulated share offering, they certainly have cause to be angry. The affair was so broad and scandalous that CMKX is on the lists for WGS settlement.  Good for them, and I hope it happens soon.

We call this blog “White Hat Auxiliary” because we are convinced beyond all doubt that the White Hats are holding the point, and we are there to back them up on the “civilian” level. They are involved, and, they are properly positioned to carry the matter to conclusion.

All categories above: Prosperity Programs, Currency Revaluations, CMKX, are riding on the release of the World Global Settlements. The White Hats and some 1800 people the world over are working hard to bring this to a finality. But, it does not end there.

Fact Check #115 was key to all of you being properly set up and able to make a difference and not fall into the trap of reverting back into whatever non optimum financial condition you sought to alleviate by participating in the aforementioned programs and speculations.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for further updates.



Kaperoni is claiming BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS TOMORROW (Monday the 21st) 

Tony says Things Looking Good STILL for the weekend (Tweet Yesterday)!!!!

Still hoping.......Happy Easter!!!!

4-20-14 Kaperoni: This is very important and all members should be aware. Apparently a big announcement is coming tomorrow Monday (I don’t know what time).

This significant news will be announced regarding certain dinar dealers. It appears that significant change is coming. Many may welcome the news, others may be very saddened or upset. All I can say, is when I heard, I was very concerned. But it is important to let this play out and wait for the official information.

This is not a rumor a joke or some bogus information. This is information that we all need to know tomorrow. I am sure it will spread to all sites and if not, I will come and post here for all of you. This pertains to dinar dealers. Nothing to do with Iraq.

I don't want to tease people...I just thought it was important enough to give a heads up so tomorrow people pay attention.


4-20-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday   [We have seen many pieces fall into place in the recent weeks and question is what is lacking to complete the picture?  what clues are we now looking for as we scan the intel coming in?]  i would say that they are wrapping up the budget and the last steps we were announced about when CBI stated they were raising the value and setting the rates now and it is being done by steps per the private banks and cbi -- they all will be done around the same time --- not that it has to be after the budget or before -- all around the same time for financial success...i go by the ink i see --- and by what the ink states -- we are waiting on these steps to get to the one that is the raise of the value and also the setting of international rates.

4-20-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
   Just for the fun of it ...Based Soley on IOO (In Our Opinion) ...[Guru] DELTA and I are not taking it to end of May ...But to the 25th.vv  vMay. [Is it something to do with the DFI release of may 22...?There are three reasons why we picked 25th as an opinion ...But DFI is not one of them.